Tuesday, May 10, 2011

an den?

no an den!
Not much to say at the mo (shock!)

Training well but most importantly Im enjoying it. Having some good club races. Plenty of competition round the local scene at the moment. Shorter distances possibly playing to my strengths in some cases (base lacking), possibly making it hard on me in other cases (kids are fast!). Really not doing too much training and it feels like the results are probably better than the input which Im lovin.

Cambridge Relays this weekend. 4 x 3km. Should be good for a lark.

Had a gd 36min 10km trot with a chicky today (her PB by >1 min). I managed 34 on the same course a couple weeks back so I guess I don't have much to complain about.

Looks like some crazy kids are gonna hurt themselves and probably get fit in the process. Good luck to them I say. Worked for me the 1st time round. No regrets. I just hope they know what they're getting themselves into.

Good luck goin out to Solamon runner Grant Guise who's headed over to the Northface100 (STEPS!).

In case you didn't already know, Matt 'the mouth' Bixley has acquired a space on the interwebs for his opinionated rants. Don't expect any punches pulled nor expect that this will quarantine his diatribes. I eagerly look forward to see many deserving runners (myself included) get lashings of abuse. If nothing else it'll be a welcome insight into the deranged mind of a 24hr runner.

Speaking of insane people
Professional "long course" triathletes are TOUGH bastards. Getting properly savaged by local elite Keegan Williams when ever I can. Even more of a thrashing when Graham O'grady is in tow. 30x800m w/200m float SESSION OF PAIN. I'm zero for four on that session I think. Died on #26 or something last time. Gog just getting faster and faster. Mad props to those guys.

'till next time, stay positive, play nice, train hard.

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