Sunday, April 12, 2015

Annual T42/Nugget Double!

The intro bit,
It's that time of the year again!  The time I finally push my arse away from the keyboard and actually take in some exercise.  Nothing sucks more than being most of the way through a race lamenting the fact that you chose to sit on your butt and eat chocolate in the full knowledge that supreme hardship lurked just around the corner.  Well thank f#$k I've actually done some work this year.  I tried the T42/Nugget double last year and exploded 5km into the later of the races.  My 1st ever legit injury/DNF.  Booo!

This bit is mostly about me,
It'll be my 4th outing to T42 and I've been luckily unopposed with previous years competition not eclipsing what was an epic inaugural battle between Kugs and Red.  This year I'll probably be taking my best fitness down there with a decent block of base and sharpening under my belt.  There's a shot of a sub 2:50 but weather and trail conditon plays a big part.  Also, backing up the T42 with a tough race at The Nugget in Waihi is tough.  Particularly for an aged campaigner such as myself.  So in all likelihood, the best run I can have at T42 is one that puts me across the line 1st in the slowest possible time.  Weird huh?

Come at me bro!
The best thing you can hope for is an easy win but there's plenty out there that could easily knock me off my high horsey.
KDay is easily in the best shape of his life, T42 isn't his target at all but if he toes the line ITS SO ON!
Duross has been secretly clocking some quality training, if he wants a piece it'll be a scrap, no doubt.
Lets hope CK is busy running around a Lake...
CK is clocking some legit times at the moment on his way to Kona.  He's as strong on trail as he is tall and handsome but so damn fit right now the only chance I'd have against him would be if he fell into a pot-hole and couldn't climb out.
Kugs can fly when the training is right.  I'd not want to be anywhere near his pace through the 1st downhill half.
Stephen Day could walk his way to the finish in 2:40 flat, as could James Richardson and about half of Wellington Scottish.  I can't beat Wellington on a good day.
To be fair, the list of people that should come and spank me is long and not limited to just the boys. Jo Johansen is coming for a jog, Muir is flying, as is the infallible LTH.  About to get chicked in 3...2...1....
Chance of veteran ladies Kirsten Milne and Katy Dawson fronting as well which would make for a hell battle in the MW40.  There's a stack of 3hr Marathoners rumoured to be making the trip.

....and now for something completely different!
That uppy/downy running bit out of the way there is the all important dance-off to consider.
As most people now know, the T42 after-party is OFF-THE-HOOK.  Some super strong box shapes crafted by KDay and Duross last year, Lilly keeping the bearded brothers Ure and Cam Carter in check, with the usual manic beats from DJ Jono Reeves.  The KJs will be cooking up trouble as always and a strong supporting cast of enthusiastic triathletes and cylcists fresh from a day of cartwheels and sweet jumps.  This years line-up looking so fresh and strong the biggest questions will be who ISN'T coming and who will be last standing when the music dies?

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Aaron Carter and the team at Total Sport know how to host a good event.  Beers at the finish line!  WHOOP!

Nuggety Nugget goodness!
But seriously, how good is that trail from Waihi to Homunga Bay?  If you've never come to this neat little event seriously consider getting out one last time before the weather collapses.  I often catch myself describing the Nugget as a 'cool little event' with a 'lovely community feel' but in all reality it is so much more than that.  It's seen a few iterations and I can't remember ever running the same 21km course once but there is no question that the event is in strong capable hands.  Cheap entry and LOADS of options.  Even some for people who exercise sitting down.
I've a good a shot as anyone to get through this 21km run in front and there's a long long list of dudes that could rek me on my drive for a 3rd title here.  Not least one of my Jnr athletes who just ran a 15:50 5000m.  Coach says you may not to enter the 21km! 
Yeah, it's trails like these.... this is why.

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  1. Looking forward to catching up on the drinking when I eventually finish! Save some for me!!